Its all about the pre game with OM.

Finding your skin care confusing? Not sure on where to start or what to do? We get it! And a lot of others feel the EXACT same way. 

There’s such a wide range of products out there; there are always new hot ingredients and treatments, sometimes it can be overwhelming. A lot of the time with skin care it is trial and error as everyone has different skin types and ‘problem areas’. The trick is to have the basics right which then allows you to experiment with the rest. Once you have your routine set and you feel comfortable with it that’s when its best to experiment! So this month, that’s what we wanted to help you will. A non-confusing skin care routine that will be super easy to follow and will let you master the basics. 

This month we’re setting you up for success. Success all in one parcel. We have worked with the amazing brand Up Circle to create our first ever one brand parcel. We wanted to create this to give you the best foundation to your skin care routine! Sometimes, especially when you’re just beginning your skin care journey different products, the layering and ingredients of them can be SUPER confusing. So… This is designed to solved that. 

In this month’s parcel one of the products you will find is Up Circles face scrub. You can use this to begin your routine day and night. This is designed to remove dead skin and impurities, all whilst packing your skin with nutrients from the many herbal oils in the scrub. You can then move on to the face serum, One or two pumps will be enough for your entire face. This will give your skin a super dose of hydration, promote skin firmness and ensure your skin is looking plump. The final step is to use the face moisturiser. This will seal in the serum as well as giving your skin another pump of hydration. You’ll also find Up Circles body cream to help hydrate your body too! This is best used fresh from the shower for optimal absorption. 

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